Frequently Asked Questions

What is your billing policy?

The bridgecomp billing policy is as follows:

Payment is required within 30 days of this invoice and must be received no later than 30 days of the issued date of this invoice otherwise you will be subject to a $15.00 late fee.

Each month forward that payment is not received, there will be an additional $15.00 late fee until payment is received.

If failure of payment exceeds 90 days, you will be placed into collections while still incurring the $15.00 late fees. You maybe subject to interruption of services during this time. If interruption of services occurs, you will also be billed a $50 fee to resume all services, which is required on the date service is restored.

bridgeCOMP Solutions will accept checks, VISA, Master Card, American Espress or Discover Card for payments. Any payment received that is returned or bounced will incur a thirty dollar ($30) fee. If payments are returned or bounced more than three (3) times, bridgeCOMP Solutions may be subject to notify the proper credit bureaus of such activity.

*The $15.00 late fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable.

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